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Event: Junior Curators Exhibition: Opening Reception

Thursday March 13, 2014

Junior Curators Exhibition: Opening Reception
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Beginning in October 2013, students from the Booker T. Washington Magnet High School met twice a month with the Leadership Group of students from the Museum’s Outreach Program at E.D. Nixon Community Center, to create a photography documentation of their community and vision for the future. Digital cameras were purchased for the students by the Museum, with funding assistance from a Hearst Foundations Grant. This collaborative program also included instruction by Emily Thomas, photography teacher at the BTW School, art instruction by Museum teachers, and walking tours of the historical sites in the community surrounding the E.D. Nixon Center.
During January and February the students will be creating photography portraits of each other, and will learn special portrait techniques from visiting artist Jerry Siegel. Working with the Education Department and Exhibit Preparators, the students will curate and mount an exhibition of their photographs and collages in the ARTWORKS Corridor during the month of March. The exhibition will be open from March 1 through 30, 2014, with the opening reception and student recognition for this unique exhibition on Thursday, March 13th, at 6 P.M.

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