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Montgomery Museum of Fine Art

Open Today 10am-5pm

Collection Spotlight

The Collection Spotlights below provide additional information and scholarship for a number of important works in the MMFA collection. Please check back frequently to discover new additions to the Collection Spotlights—you can download these to your computer by selecting the image or the title of the work.



Thomas Hart Benton, Ozark Autumn, 2015.6






John James Audubon, Black-bellied Darter, 2011.14







LaMonte-sqKaren LaMonte, Ojigi-Bowing, 2012.2 a-c







RogBrn-sq1Roger Brown, Homesick-Proof Space Station, 2013.1







Durrie-sqGeorge Henry Durrie, Holidays in the Country, The Cider Party, 2010.15







Edmon-1Mary Edmonia Lewis, Hiawatha’s Marriage (a.k.a. The Marriage of Hiawatha), 2012.1.1-.2






ViewMontg-sqAnonymous American, View of Montgomery, 2007.18